Club History (p1)

The First World War is well over and people have great expectations of a better life for the victors.

Glasgow was a densely packed city warmed by dirty coal fires.

Its surroundings were largely pastoral and people wishing to escape from the grime of the city started to move into homes being built in the greener areas. This expansion out of the city moved through what are now Merrylee and Giffnock and to a lesser degree Whitecraigs and Newton Mearns.

Newcomers to the area also desired to live in these newer properties.

A group of young men from this new populace for their own reasons decided to set up a Rugby Club to serve the area. Many would not be eligible to play for the Schools 'Former Pupils' sides. Some would rather not do so, given a choice. Some would not wish to journey across the city to train and play.

The Club they founded was WHITECRAIGS.

The use was obtained of ground at Deaconsbank, which was a field amongst other fields. This use was shared initially with a local Hockey club. Several fixtures were arranged with local clubs, many of who have either disappeared or been adsorbed into mergers with other clubs and lost their identity.

The Club attracted some more than useful players but was never powerful enough to compete with the long existing Clubs with their steady supply of young players every year.

The Club however gained for itself a reputation for making visitors welcome, being friendly and welcoming to incomers and opponents alike. (This warmth in the early days was not apparent to the players who if they required to remove the day's clinging mud at the end of the game were required to use the stream running between the two pitches.)

What might have been, in different circumstances we can never know'

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